public interface MDSConstructor

This interface provide method to create a class for the given entity. The implementation of this interface should also construct other classes like repository, service interface and implementation for this service interface.



boolean constructEntities(boolean buildDDE)

Creates a class definition and insert it into the MDS class loader based on data from database. The implementation of this method should also create a repository, interface (when it’s necessary) and implementation of this interface.

After executing this method, there should be possible to create an instance of the given class definition and save it to database by javax.jdo.PersistenceManager provided by DataNucleus.

An interface related with class definition should be created only for entities from outside bundles and if the bundle does not define its interface.

  • buildDDEtrue if class definitions for entities from outside bundles should also be created; otherwise false.

true if there were entities for which class definitions should be created; otherwise false.


void updateFields(Long entityId, Map<String, String> fieldNameChanges)

Updates the field names of an entity. This method changes the database schema by changing column names to the new value. This is done for the entity instances, history instances and trash instances.

  • entityId – The ID of an entity to update
  • fieldNameChanges – A map, indexed by current field names and values being updated field names.