Collects alerts for users in an inbox-like container


Provides appointment scheduling and reminding

Call Flow

Manages the sequence of greetings and prompts for an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call

CMS Lite

Provides basic content storage and retrieval


Integrates the MOTECH platform with CommCareHQ, an open-source platform to help manage community health workers

Data Services

Integrates data from external data sources and provides sharable data schemas

Decision Tree[Deprecated]

Provides APIs for constructing an IVR decision tree


Sends and logs email messages

Event Aggregation

Groups common events and republishes them as a single event at a specified time

Event Logging

Allows MOTECH modules to easily see each others’ events


Integrates the MOTECH platform with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services

IVR Asterisk

Connects the MOTECH platform IVR with an Asterisk server using the VoiceGlue VoiceXML browser

IVR Kookoo

Integrates the MOTECH platform with Kookoo’s hosted IVR service

IVR Verboice

Integrates the MOTECH platform with Verboice’s hosted IVR service

IVR Voxeo

Integrates the MOTECH platform with Voxeo’s hosted IVR service

Message Campaign

Enrolls users in message campaigns with flexible content-scheduling rules


Displays web site metrics using logging and the open source tools StatsD and Graphite

Mobile Forms

Supports configurable forms and data collection through mobile devices that support the OpenXData format

MRS (Medical Record System)

Provides a basic specification for integrating the platform with a medical record system


Integrates the MOTECH platform with OpenMRS, an open source electronic medical record platform


A voicemail-like messaging system for end users

Pill Reminder

A flexible reminder system focused on medication

Schedule Tracking

Enrolls users for alerts based on complex scheduling rules


Publishes events on a schedule, using the open source Quartz engine.


Provides a basic specification for integrating the MOTECH platform with an SMS provider to send/receive SMS messages


Responds to specified triggers; for example, a task can be set to enroll a patient in an alerts schedule in response to an incoming SMS message with a particular subject