Version 0.25 Release Notes

Release Date: March 31, 2015

Release Summary

The 0.25 release is primarily dedicated to MOTECH Data Services improvements, including MDS REST APIs and the ability to import entities to MDS via CSV file.

This release also features a new, simplified IVR module to replace the assorted IVR modules that were deprecated in 0.24.

Major Changes

CSV Import of MDS Entities

It is now possible to bulk import MDS entity data in CSV format. See the bulk upload tutorial for more information.

MDS REST API Generation


Other MDS Improvements

  • Two-way relationships

New IVR Module

WAR File Changes

CouchDB Removal

Support for CouchDB, which was deprecated in version 0.24, has been completely removed in version 0.25. As part of the removal process, the development team extensively tested MDS performance to ensure that the migration to MDS had not introduced performance regressions in MOTECH modules.


You can browse the list of tickets resolved for this release on our issue tracker.