Version 0.27 Release Notes

Release Date: October 15, 2015

Release Summary

The 0.27 release was primarily a bug fix release. Numerous MOTECH Data Services bugs were fixed, and some of MOTECH’s dependent libraries were upgraded. A few small new MDS and CommCare features were added, listed below.

Where to Get it


The links below point to the 0.27.4 release, which is the current dot release from the 0.27.X code branch.

Source Code: Platform | Modules

Binary Distribution

Platform WAR


Major Changes

While this release was mostly comprised of bug fixes and other small changes, a few notable new features are listed below.

  • CommCare - retroactive form import, support API v.0.5
  • MOTECH Data Services - Upsert method, hidden and read-only fields, numerous bug fixes
  • User interface - login page performance improvements


You can browse the list of tickets resolved for this release on our issue tracker.