mTraining Module


The module provides data containers and APIs for defining training courses. The module gives possibility to track user enrollments and course progress. Courses structure can be very diverse thanks to the flexibility of the mTraining entities. Structure of the Course may be created through the API or using the user interface.

Course Structure


Course structure consists of units that will meet the objectives specified by the implementations. Every element of the structure besides Questions contains following fields.

Field Description Type
name Name of the course unit. String
state Status of the course unit. It can take one of the values Active, Inactive or Pending. CourseUnitState
content The content for the course unit. For example this could be an url to the audio file. String
description Description of the unit. String
properties The additional properties which can be used with the unit. For example language, version or district Map<String, String>


Course is a top level container which contains list of Chapters.


Chapters are the second level of the structure. Each Chapter can contain one Quiz and list of Lessons. Chapters represent phase of the Course.


Lesson object forms the leaf node of the Chapter. For example it can contain information that help passing the Quiz.


Quiz is used to store list of the Questions. It also contains pass percentage(passPercentage field of type double) to pass the Chapter;


Question contains fields which link with the content in external system.

Field Description Type
question The question resource identifier in the external system, for example audio file. String
answers The list of answers for the question List<Answer>


Answer can store explicit value or reference to resource in the external system, for example audio file.


Bookmark entity is used to store the user progress in the individual course units.

Field Description Type
externalId The external id used by implementation to track user. String
courseIdentifier The identifier of the course. String
chapterIdentifier The identifier of the chapter. String
lessonIdentifier The identifier of the lesson. String
progress The user progress. It allows to store more details relevant for the implementation. Map<String, Object>

Activity Record

Activity Record can be also used as Bookmark. It gives possibility to store user activity in the individual course units, for example passing Quiz.

Field Description Type
externalId The external id used by implementation to track user. String
courseName Name of the Course. String
chapterName Name of the Chapter. String
lessonName Name of the Lesson. String
quizName Name of the Quiz. String
quizScore The result captured in the Quiz. double
startTime The start time of the user activity. DateTime
completionTime The end time of the user activity. DateTime
state State of the user activity. It can take one of the values:NONE, STARTED, INPROGRESS or COMPLETED. ActivityState

OSGI Services

mTraining Service

The mTraining service contains APIs to perform CRUD operations on Courses, Chapters, Lessons and Quizzes.

  • Course createCourse(Course course), Chapter createChapter(Chapter chapter), Lesson createLesson(Lesson lesson), Quiz createQuiz(Quiz quiz) - creates a course unit.
  • Course updateCourse(Course course), Chapter updateChapter(Chapter chapter), Lesson updateLesson(Lesson lesson), Quiz updateQuiz(Quiz quiz) - updates the given course unit.
  • void deleteCourse(long id), void deleteChapter(long id), void deleteLesson(long id), void deleteQuiz(long id) - removes a course unit with the given id.
  • Course getCourseById(long id), Chapter getChapterById(long id), Lesson getLessonById(long id), Quiz getQuizById(long id) - returns a course unit by the given id.
  • List<Course> getCoursesByName(String name), List<Chapter> getChaptersByName(String name), List<Lesson> getLessonsByName(String name), List<Quiz> getQuizzesByName(String name) - returns all course units with the given name.
  • List<Chapter> getUnusedChapters(), List<Lesson> getUnusedLessons(), List<Quiz> getUnusedQuizzes() - returns all unused units (for example Lesson without Chapter).
  • List<Course> getCoursesByProperties(Map<String, String> properties), List<Chapter> getChaptersByProperties(Map<String, String> properties), List<Lesson> getLessonsByProperties(Map<String, String> properties), List<Quiz> getQuizzesByProperties(Map<String, String> properties) - returns all units that contains the given properties.
  • List<Course> getAllCourses(), List<Chapter> getAllChapters(), List<Lesson> getAllLessons(), List<Quiz> getAllQuizzes() - returns all unused units.
  • Quiz getQuizForChapter(long id) - returns the quiz for a chapter with the given id.

Bookmark Service

Service for management of course bookmarks for a user. This is used to maintain the progress of a user in the curriculum.

  • Bookmark createBookmark(Bookmark bookmark) - creates a bookmark for a user
  • Bookmark getBookmarkById(long id) - returns a bookmark for the given id.
  • Bookmark getLatestBookmarkByUserId(String externalId) - returns the latest bookmark for the user identified by the externalId.
  • List<Bookmark> getAllBookmarksForUser(String externalId) - returns all bookmarks for the user identified by the externalId.
  • Bookmark updateBookmark(Bookmark bookmark) - updates the given bookmark.
  • void deleteBookmark(long id) - deletes a bookmark with the given id.
  • void deleteAllBookmarksForUser(String externalId) - deletes all bookmarks for the user identified by the externalId.

Activity Record Service

Service for managing activity records.

  • ActivityRecord createActivity(ActivityRecord activityRecord) - creates the given activity record.
  • ActivityRecord updateActivity(ActivityRecord activityRecord) - updates the given activity record.
  • ActivityRecord getActivityById(long activityId) - returns an activity record by the given id.
  • List<ActivityRecord> getAllActivityForUser(String externalId) - returns all activity records for a user with the given externalId.
  • List<ActivityRecord> getCompletedActivityForUser(String externalId) - returns all completed activity records for user identified by the externalId.
  • void deleteActivity(long activityRecordId) - deletes the activity record by the given id.
  • void deleteAllActivityForUser(String externalId) - deletes all activity records for a user with the given externalId.

mTraining UI

The mTraining module has Courses, Chapters, Lessons and Quizzes tabs which allow to perform CRUD operations on the course units. Bookmarks and Activity Record tabs allow to view logs. All those tabs are using the MDS embedded UI.

Default tab is the Tree View tab. TreeView tab allows to manage relationships between course units. Colors of the units represent the state (blue - Active, grey - Inactive, orange - Pending). You can easily change state of the entire branch or a single unit, to do so use buttons below the tree. When you use Remove member button then all children of the element will be disconnected (for example when you remove chapter then all Lessons will be disconnected from Chapter). To add node to the tree you must select tree node to which the new node will be added and then drag unit from Nodes section and drop it to the Members section. The Nodes column displays items that are available to add.

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