Atom Client Module


This module will periodically fetch from one or more Atom feed sources and send a MOTECH event for each feed content item that changed since the last fetch.

The fetch job is triggered by a MOTECH event with the org.motechproject.atomclient.fetch subject. The module can periodically send a fetch event based on the schedule in the cron expression in the file. Alternatively, a fetch job can be triggered as a task action or directly using the org.motechproject.atomclient.service.AtomClientService interface.


Atom Feeds

The module will fetch from the Atom feed(s) listed in the atom-client-feeds.json file, for example:

  "feeds" :
        "url" : "",
        "regex" : "/([0-9a-f-]*)\\?"
        "url" : "http://servertwo:8080/openmrs/ws/atomfeed/Encounter/recent",
        "regex" : ""

The url element is the feed URL and the regex element, if non blank, is a regular expression containing one capture block that will be used to extract a subsection of the Atom feed entry content. In the example above, the first feed will be fetched from and any content returned will be extracted according to the regular expression /([0-9a-f-]*)\\?.

Fetch job cron

If one is provided, the module will periodically fetch on a cron expression schedule specified by the atomclient.feed.cron property in the file:

atomclient.feed.cron=0/10 * * * * ?

The example above would schedule a fetch job every 10 seconds.


When fetching and for each feed content item that changed since the last time a fetch occurred, the Atom Client module will produce a Feed Change task trigger with the following payload data:

The URL identifying the Atom feed
When the content item was created
When the content item was modified
Complete content data
If a valid non blank regex was specified in the feed config, extracted_content will contain the extracted content value

It also responds to the Fetch! task action by, you got it, fetching the Atom feed(s).


Events Consumed

Will fetch from the configured feed(s), if any.
Used internally, reschedules the fetch cron job based on the cron job value currently in memory without having read the cron job value from the properties file.
If atom-client-feeds.json has changed, reloads the atom feed list, otherwise if has changed, reschedules (or cancels) the fetch cron job.

Events Emitted

Emitted every time a feed content item has changed since the last fetch, see the tasks payload data above.


The org.motechproject.atomclient.service.AtomClientService interface exposes a fetch() method which will direct the module to fetch from the configured Atom feed(s). All other publicly exposed methods are used for configuration.

Integration with Bahmni/OpenMRS

The atom client module allows MOTECH to receive updates from the Bahmni atom feed, which is available as a core feature in Bahmni, but requires installation in OpenMRS. The Bahmni atom feed exposes a URL endpoint that MOTECH consumes to get the most recent patient, program or encounter. You can view their documentation at this link The source code for this module can be found on the ICT4H GitHub page. Note that the default atom feed module in Bahmni has a paging size of 5 records per page. We recommend that you increase this number to meet your needs because our atom client module does not currently support pagination across the atom feed. This chunking size can be found in the chunking_history table in the SQL database.

Note on OpenMRS Module

The atom feed module is built and maintained by the Bahmni team. This module is not fully supported on OpenMRS, but can be installed with modification. This module also relies heavily on the OpenMRS EMRAPI module, which may or may not suit your OpenMRS implementation. The OpenSRP project appears to also be using a fork of the atom feed module. If using generic OpenMRS, have a look at their GitHub repository and you’ll have to build the module to test it in your environment.