Collects alerts for users in an inbox-like container


Provides appointment scheduling and reminders

Atom Client

Fetches Atom feed(s) and publishes events when content changes


An implementation of Spring batch (version: 3.0.0.M3); it essentially deals with scheduling triggering of jobs

Care Services Discovery (CSD)

Consumes the IHE Care Services Discovery Profile from a CSD registry such as OpenInfoMan, representing the information natively in MOTECH within MDS.

CMS Lite

Provides basic content storage and retrieval


Integrates the MOTECH platform with CommCareHQ, an open-source platform to help manage community health workers

Data Services

Integrates data from external data sources and provides sharable data schemas


Integrates MOTECH with the DHIS2 web API


Sends and logs email messages

Event Logging

Allows MOTECH modules to easily see each others’ events

Hindi Transliteration

Supports transliteration of English strings to Hindi using ITRANS encoding


Provides an implementation of the PubSubHubbub Hub spec; exposes an API so other modules can act as publisher and make contents available to it for distribution


Integrating the MOTECH platform with a Interactive Voice Response (IVR) providers thus enabling support for voice/audio dialogs

Message Campaign

Enrolls users in message campaigns with flexible content-scheduling rules


Provides data containers and APIs for defining mobile (e.g. SMS or IVR-based) training courses and tracking user enrollment and progress


Integrates the MOTECH platform with OpenDataKit, KoboToolbox, and


Integrates the MOTECH platform with OpenMRS, an open source electronic medical record platform

Pill Reminder

A flexible reminder system that may be used to alert patients when it is time to take their medications


Integrates the MOTECH platform with RapidPro

Schedule Tracking

Enrolls users for alerts based on complex scheduling rules


Publishes events on a schedule, using the open source Quartz engine.


Provides a basic specification for integrating the MOTECH platform with an SMS provider to send/receive SMS messages


Allows administrative users to author simple “tasks” that wire up different modules; for example, a task can be created to enroll a patient in a message campaign in response to an incoming SMS message containing specific text