public @interface InstanceLifecycleListener

The InstanceLifecycleListener annotation is used to point methods from the services exposed by OSGi that should listen to persistence events. The InstanceLifecycleListenerType value is an array of one or more values specified in InstanceLifecycleListenerType enum, that is: POST_CREATE, PRE_DELETE, POST_DELETE, POST_LOAD, PRE_STORE, POST_STORE. The annotated methods must have only one parameter. If no package is specified, the parameter type is a persistable class. Otherwise it has to be of type Object.

This annotation is processed by org.motechproject.mds.annotations.internal.InstanceLifecycleListenerProcessor.

See also: org.motechproject.mds.annotations.internal.InstanceLifecycleListenerProcessor, InstanceLifecycleListenerType