Using Felix Web Console with MOTECH


MOTECH is built on top of the Felix OSGi Framework. Thanks to this, users can install the Felix Web Console on their installations and then use it for monitoring the server.

Benefits of using the Web Console

The Felix Web Console allows viewing details of all bundles installed in the system. It also allows installing and uninstalling modules. Generally speaking the only benefit of using the web console over the MOTECH Admin module is that it gives access to bundles that are not MOTECH modules - for example third party libraries such as Spring. More information on the Web Console can be found in the Web Console Documentation.


The Web Console can be installed by simply downloading it from the Felix Downloads Page into the ~/.motech/bundles directory belonging to the user running MOTECH. The console should become active after starting MOTECH.

Accessing the Console

The console should be available after appending module/system/console to your MOTECH server url. The default login is admin/admin. Refer to the Web Console Documentation for ways to change it.